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  • Bryan Miller

    Bryan Miller

    [Insert witty comment here.]

  • Regular Guy

    Regular Guy

    Still figuring out what to put as my bio, and as my profile picture, and as my username.

  • JawaharMalhotra


  • Judith Lin (née Lang Hilgartner)

    Judith Lin (née Lang Hilgartner)

    Educator. Writer. World-traveler. PhD. Follow my adventures @LadinoLives Editor of The Teachers Write

  • Princess Gaia

    Princess Gaia

    Fall in love with our planet and enjoy the writings of a storytelling therapist — www.julia-hayden.de (aka Princess Gaia - www.princess-gaia.com).

  • Patty Lopez

    Patty Lopez

    Computer scientist passionate about K-12 outreach, academics, and industry opportunities for women and minorities in #STEM. #female #tech #CS

  • Tyler Elliot Bettilyon

    Tyler Elliot Bettilyon

    A curious human on a quest to watch the world learn. I teach computer programming and write about software’s overlap with society and politics. www.tebs-lab.com

  • Annette Saldana

    Annette Saldana

    Believes you can move the world with your words. Founder of Irresistible Requests. Mad about Freedom + Self Expression + Music.

  • Erwin C

    Erwin C

    Austin, TX — interest in life philosophy and business

  • Lance Ng

    Lance Ng

    Building the Bloomberg of recycling. Co-founder of Scrapp. www.scrappdeals.com

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